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Gallery Artpost at Itty Bitty Lakes
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My wife, partner and soul mate is Kay. Between us we have a rather large extended family that give our lives joy and purpose. My Mom Mary Lou Church, an activist in her own right often helps out with the gallery. My sister Dr. Cindy Parker and brother in law Dr. Steve Shapiro live and work in Baltimore but spend as much time as they can with us at Itty Bitty Lakes. They are constantly making our lives fuller. Kay has three and I have one active and one inactive wonderful children. Between us we have eight active and two inactive grandchildren ranging in age from two to almost sixteen.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


On July first the first positive action for the 2010 health care reform bill came online. The website designed for the purpose of informing the public was sent to me and it told me I could now get insurance through the governments’ new pre-existing condition insurance called GettingUsCovered.

Federal funding for the program is being administered by Rocky Mountain Health Plans. “RMHP is an independent, not-for-profit health benefits provider that has served the health care needs of Coloradans for more than 30 years.”  According to  the RMHP website.  I had until August 15th to apply and get accepted if I wanted surgery close to September 1st. When the opportunity first came out I was skeptical I would be able to meet the premiums for an extended period of time. Another Colorado and Federal program called Cover Colorado is for the high risk population who would normally not be able to get insurance either. Both plans stipulate the applicant can not have been insured for the previous six months. Cover Colorado however could not allow surgery for the high risk condition for 6 months after signing up. I didn’t have 6 months. My cancer was so aggressive all hope would be lost if I didn’t get it stopped soonest. At the time Cover Colorado seemed to offer substantial discounts for people with low incomes. It took awhile but I finally figured the two plans were being administered by RMHP. I called and asked about it a found that yes the two plans were being handled by RMHP and that I could start with the GettingUSCovered, keep it for six months and then switch to Cover Colorado which looked significantly more affordable.

I applied, they accepted, we jumped through a bunch of hoops getting both Denver Health Medical Center and RMHP to both admit they would and did do business with each other and voila’, I was on the road to living.

Finally, I was insured and Dr. Kim was allowed to schedule me for surgery.

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  1. Wow, Robert! We did not know! I am so thankful to know you were saved by an enactment of the ObamaCare law! I feel I have had a part in not only your care but the care of many suffering folks. Thanks for sharing and also passing this along. Yours, Ed and Jeanie Uhl of Colorado.