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Gallery Artpost at Itty Bitty Lakes
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

“Let Freedom Work” is already making them squirm.

First off I want to thank my friend Susan Mayfield who forwarded excerpts of this Blog to both The Daily Kos and to Blackwaterdog. The more of us who speak out and the more of us who listen to our stories of lives being saved and lives being improved because of Obamacare, the better the chances of Obamacare continuing and growing  to eventually be the healthcare system this country so desperately needs.

I was planning on writing more about our personal story with the broken healthcare system and more about Obamacare. However some interesting developments happened today I wish to share.

This afternoon Kay and I attended the steering committee meeting for Let Freedom Work. We will soon be a 501c3. This is the umbrella organization for our new soon to be community radio station and for our series of newspaper columns discussing the facts of Obamacare and how people already are benefiting (as in lives being saved). The meeting was inspiring and our group is committed to bringing a factual and progressive view to the citizens of at least two counties in Central Colorado that have as of now very little access to any news other than news presented from the viewpoint and censorship of far rightwing newspapers and radio stations.

Our most illustrious member, Gloria Stultz, (Citizen of the Year in Canon City, 2010) presented a proposal to the Canon City Daily Record to write a monthly column discussing the factual benefits of the new healthcare law and how citizens can and will get new and better healthcare that will both save lives and improve lifestyles of the people of Central Colorado.

The following was the new paper’s response:
“I'd be more interested in us doing a story rather than running a column. I understand the articles may be intended to be informative and not with political undertones, but running an ongoing series will likely cause some to think we are endorsing it and promoting it. The issue itself greatly was divided along party lines, so I know running that regularly would cause a stir.

What if you get with Carie Canterbury about the person you know with the pre-existing condition and he can talk to us about how he is going to benefit from this? I think that would be great for our paper.”
Michael Alcala  Managing Editor

The above would be a reasonable response except that virtually every article in the paper is slanted way, way to the right. The paper actually wants to work towards condemning, destroying and repealing Obamacare. Oh and did I mention they desperately want their readers ignorant of any and all of the new healthcare benefits even if it bankrupts or kills those readers?

Our next step is to buy the space as an ad and write our column in that.  We have no problem with paying for the right to write, after all the newspaper does need to make a living. I do hope though they do not attempt to continue to block us.

Here is a personal update---- I received the results of my three month PSA test yesterday. Before my surgery my PSA level was over 18. That meant rampant cancer in my prostate and probably out of my prostate. My PSA level now is less than .13 (notice the point is before the numbers). WOOHOO!!!



  1. Bob,this is Ralphie,Wow, never heard of anyone with a PSA level that low.Also, hope the radio station works out,great idea.

  2. With facts and figures, Ezra Klein has a great rebuttal of the Republcian Congress, aiming to take down Obamacare...

    "Repealing health-care reform would cost hundreds of billions of dollars -- and Eric Cantor knows i"

  3. Interesting Robert. I think more education on this care is needed! And Great News about the PSA level. Good job Robert!