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Gallery Artpost at Itty Bitty Lakes
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My wife, partner and soul mate is Kay. Between us we have a rather large extended family that give our lives joy and purpose. My Mom Mary Lou Church, an activist in her own right often helps out with the gallery. My sister Dr. Cindy Parker and brother in law Dr. Steve Shapiro live and work in Baltimore but spend as much time as they can with us at Itty Bitty Lakes. They are constantly making our lives fuller. Kay has three and I have one active and one inactive wonderful children. Between us we have eight active and two inactive grandchildren ranging in age from two to almost sixteen.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hello my friends,
This is my very first blog entry. Through this medium I hope to share my life, creativity, activism and thoughts with you. Most people are probably a little more single focused than me, but hey you won't get bored. At least I won't.

This is the first day after the Mid-term elections. We only just found out that Senator Bennet was elected to another six years in the US Senate. It gives us hope for the future after a devastating election night where our close friends who were running for office, honored incumbents and highly qualified and energized Progressive candidates on local, state and national elections were mostly going down in metaphoric flames to --Tea Partiers?

It hurts to watch people who have impeccable credentials who are tested leaders, dedicated to working to improving our civilization losing to largely unqualified extremists dedicated to sending our civilization back sixty or more years. It fills us with dismay watching huge right wing corporations literally buying the new leadership of our nation.

The deed is done. The question now is where do we go from here?

As you probably already know, six months ago I discovered I had  prostate cancer. We did not have health insurance due to trumped up pre-existing conditions.  During the always frustrating and sometimes terrifying ordeal of trying to get the particular surgeon and surgery I so desperately needed , Kay and I dedicated a substantial amount of what ever future I have to helping  in any way possible improving our shattered healthcare system.

Obamacare is a start. It has already saved my life through the new pre-existing condition insurance funded by the Feds and administered here in Colorado by Rocky Mountain Health Care and a program called "Getting US Covered". Through them I was able to become insured and was able to receive life saving surgery just four weeks ago. But where do we go now? We have had a life changing experience, but do not yet know how to use our new found knowledge of the medical system that is capable of "level one care for all" but that only provides that level of care to some and sends others home to die.

If any of you who read this have any ideas, suggestions or useful experiences please share them with us.

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